Letter From Kristin and Mark Sullivan:

Hello and Good Day:

4 January 2004

Michele Landegger and Debrae Lopes of Boa Constructor are awesome! After living in our solar straw bale home for 1.5 years, we can only say that our home is everything we anticipated and more. We had been dreaming of building a solar home for about 20 years, and more recently, we decided that straw bale construction would help to achieve our goal of sustainability and green building design. We began interviewing several architects and builders with straw bale experience, and we were happy when we found that a local builder, Boa Constructor, had constructed several straw bale structures.

After talking to Michele for a few minutes, we both knew that we had found our designer/contractor. We instinctively liked Michele because she was personable, knowledgeable, flexible, and she was genuinely interested in listening to our ideas. Michele and Debrae became part of our design team, and from the beginning, we were impressed with their knowledge about green building, their unique and insightful design ideas, and their efficient use of time. Before we knew it, our design was complete, and within five months from the beginning of this process, the Capitola Planning Commission had approved our project. We were ready to build in record time.

Once we began construction, Michele demonstrated her expertise in many areas including managing the construction project, running her top-notch crew, arranging for subcontractors, dealing with the owners, and satisfying the requirements of the Building Department. Michele is extremely conscientious and thorough. We were very happy with the quality and the pace of the project, and everything came together beautifully. Within nine months of starting the job, we moved into our dream home.

Since moving in, we have been very pleased with the performance of our home. We give monthly tours of our home as an example of green building and sustainable living. At this time, we estimate that well over 2,000 people have visited our home, including many architects, planners, designers, and others in the building professions. We receive many compliments regarding the design and construction of our home, even from these discerning people. Our experience with Boa Constructor was so very positive, that we highly recommend Boa Constructor for your design and/or building project. This team was the best!


Kristin and Mark Sullivan
Capitola, CA

Joanne smiles through the missing medicine cabinet

Letter From Joanne Calkins:

Recommendation for Michelle Landegger

I love my "new" house. Michelle Landegger of Boa Constructor built an addition and remodeled every room in my small tract house a few years ago. I wanted to be fully involved in the process of building it since this is the house I am now retired in and I wanted it to be exactly right. The house plans were rather vague and that allowed some room for making things better. At each step of the way Michelle and I discussed the options with Michelle giving me sound information based on her experience and as much time as I needed to understand and then, I made the decisions. I was so amazed how quickly the work was accomplished, how harmoniously all the different workers who were employed by Michelle worked together and how excellent the workmanship was under her gentle but firm supervision. The beauty and utility of the addition and remodeled rooms is admired by all and everyone agrees that this house is really "me." I am so glad that I chose Michelle and Boa Constructor for my builder.


Joanne Calkins

Letter From Tammy Chinn:

“Do your homework and interview no fewer than 5 contractors” was the advice from every article on homebuilding. Asking all the “right” questions from collated lists concerning costs and timeliness, seeing and interviewing previous jobs, synchronizing calendars between job sites: check check and double check. My list narrows and I find a small group of contractors who seem to be good managers with dedication to detail and long lists of reliable crews. Price, as best as can be estimated, is similar between them. So all things being equal, why did we choose Michele and Boa Constructor? As I lay awake one night I thought, “Who do I want to talk to every day? Who will really listen and see the vision we have?” Because I was able to see the answer clearly, we now have a beautiful home and can easily say we had a fantastic experience building it. In fact, people are usually incredulous when I say I’d happily do it all over again.

Michele’s insight, experience and thoughtful approach is reflected not only in the actual house she builds but also in the environment that surrounds the job site during construction. Horror stories about delinquent subs, cost-cutting on the sly and other common home building complaints were non-existent for us. Phone calls are returned and she is present and focused on your job. I remember when we found out she had other concurrent jobs and were amazed that we always felt like our house was the only one in her universe.

Each of Michele’s crew worked with great attention to detail, even suggesting small improvements that made the finished product that much better. Like Michele, they were patient, funny and always solution-oriented. They are artisans whose craft we get to enjoy and use everyday.

Tim Folger - November 15, 2009

Boa handled a complete makeover remodel and addition of a house I built twenty years ago for my extended family. As a former general contractor for many years I was happy to watch the Boa team maintain a steady attention to the details of time management, high constructions standards and the very specific needs of the project. A fine spirit of creativity and talent pervades every working day for the Boa team. This is rare on a construction site and reflects a respect for the eagerness of the client to achieve the best results for their wished and the budget. They deliver what they promise.

Wendy - November 5, 2009

Michele is an outstanding builder, not only because of the high quality of work she produces but also because of the high quality of listening to the client she guarantees. This makes for a win/win.

Mark and Kristin Sullivan - November 1, 2009

Michele and Debrae are absolute professionals who are reliable, extremely responsible, honest, and overall people of integrity. We are so delighted to have had Boa Constructor as our contractors for our solar straw bale home. Everything went smoothly from the timeliness to the sub-contractors to the sustainable material choices. Michele and Debrae are experts through and through. They are also extremely talented artistically. We highly recommend Boa Constructor without any hesitation; you will be hard pressed to find contractors and designers of their caliber!

Tammy Chinn - October 30, 2009

Michele and her crew built our home 4 years ago and it was a fantastic experience. Given the chance, I’d do it all over again. Michele’s ability to communicate, problem solve and her creativity made the process a great adventure. Her crew was great to be around and each member gave their area the attention to detail any homeowner would appreciate.

Mike and Aerin Martin - October 30, 2009

We hired Boa Constructor to help us with a green remodel and addition 3 years ago. We chose to work with Boa based on their expertise with green building practices, impeccable references, and most of all, the great crew. We really appreciated the open, easy communication and professionalism with which Michelle led the project. The Boa crew was respectful, responsible, hard working, and a lot of fun! Boa helped us with green options and decisions at each step and the project came in on time and on budget. Boa Constructor is a trustworthy and reliable builder. Quality work, quality people.

Greg and Denise Fritsch - October 30, 2009

In the summer of 2008, Michele and her crew did an extensive kitchen and family room remodel on the home we had just purchased and we couldn’t be happier with the results and the overall experience. Michele was accessible and collaborative throughout, kept us on track, offered excellent design suggestions, and stayed on top of our budget and timeline. If we had a question, Michele responded to phone calls and emails within a day. Her crew was wonderful and very talented, as were the subcontractors. Their work is excellent and we wholeheartedly recommend Boa Constructor.

Lisa Rosendale - October 29, 2009

Michele Landdegger and Debrae Lopes have done multiple remodels/additions for us over the years. They have been wonderful to work with and the outcome is always beautiful and very nice to live in. I would highly recommend Boa Constructor to anyone looking for quality building or remodeling.