Cornish Adobe Remodel & Restoration - Phase 1

Cornish Adobe Remodel & Restoration - Phase 1

These are Phase 1 photos only of detached unit.
Phase 2 House Renovation coming in July

Adobe = Abode

We at Boa Constructor Building and Design have expanded our natural building and remodeling skills to include the art of adobe restoration.

We have just completed the renovation of a lovely small house and detached office, laundry and guest bedroom in Carmel Valley.

The 1940's post-adobe house has been in the family of Jan and Meg Cornish for several generations.
We were referred to the project by local Monterey architect Sally Anne Smith for the build and were employed by the Cornishes for the remodel and interior design services.

Begun in October of 2008, we began with the detached spaces, adding an on demand water heater and insulation in areas to increase energy and resource efficiency. We were able to replace the glass only of the original windows, adding dual glazing but keeping the sashes, saving a lot of money in window replacement and keeping with the aesthetic original features of the house. We kept much of the adobe walls exposed, using earthen and lime plasters.

We used limestone slab for bathroom and laundry room elements, and repeated these elements in the house for floors as well as countertops.

After we completed the detached adobe Phase 1, the Cornishes moved into the guest bedroom and we began Phase 2, with extensive remodel of the house.

We added radiant heat on top of the existing concrete floor, floating a beautiful oak plank floor over the insulated radiant panel.

We echoed that particular white oak floor in wood trim and cabinetry, our crew building the cabinets, saving the Cornishes money and providing a superior product.

We employed a craftsmen technique of fuming the wood with ammonia to match the deep tones of the flooring, bringing out a richness to the grain.

Monterey Cream, a local stone, was added as a hearth in both Phase 1 and 2 to the stone fireplaces.

All plumbing and electric systems were upgraded.

Exterior original adobe earth walls were stripped of paint, repaired as needed and now coated with lime. Lime wash adds beautiful layer of natural protection, a centuries oldĀ  tradition for the adobe and earth building vernacular.

Wood painted elements were sandblasted and restored, highlighting the original redwood lintels and door jambs on the interior as well as the exterior.

The end result is an adobe house glowing in natural plasters and materials with warmth from that as well as energy efficiency.

The redesign was well thought out, keeping with in the original footprint of the house, and the interior design creating a flow throughout the house and extending to the detached office, laundry and guest bedroom, culminating in a small yet grand abode.